Friday, May 14, 2010

Types and Benefits of Online Bachelor Degree

Associate degree is a bachelor, who typically takes sixty hours per week. For most people, it takes almost two years full-time education at the level (as in the level that usually takes eight semesters or four years, eight as opposed to complete).

Take advantage of the productive capacity of Associate Degree Online

Save time and money. Because you can associate's degree in (two years) so you pay less in tuition fees, means you save a lot of money. This will also save time because they did not go to school to participate in teaching.

Improve your ability to generate revenue. Associate Degree holders will receive an average of more than fifteen 15% more than high school graduates.

Technical preparation for the job. Earning an associate degree can help you for the technical work to fix, such as computers, medical records or prepare.

How flexible than traditional programs. Among the programs themselves, learn about the online help with their own speed. You are not required to attend classes at certain times of day.

Send your school loans. Many associate degree to give credit when you get a certain degree, and then decide at a university or college.

Four types of Associate Degree

if you decide to participate in an online Associate Degree program, you will be prompted to select one of four different four degrees.

* Associate of Arts (AA) is to prepare students for a four-year college or university. It consists of about half of college credit level sixty.

* Associate of Science (AS) as the level of AA, is the title of students to four-year college or university is preparing a program such as weight of the graduate program in science and mathematics. It also consists of approximately sixty 60-hour semester college levels.

* Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree is for students who do not plan to return to school after graduation. It prepares students for career entry or advancement in the workplace and requires approximately sixty hours per week. Most colleges accept credits from the AAS are limited.

* Associate of Labour Studies (AOS) This phase is referred to as "applied degrees". This is comparable to a professional qualification such as the ASA. This is to prepare students to enter the workforce immediately after graduation strength. Level usually need about sixty hours a week, mostly concentrated in the major. AM degree cannot be transferred to graduate programs at colleges and universities.

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